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What is ultrapure water?

listimageWhat is ultrapure water?

Ultrapure water refers to water with high purity that has been made as close as possible to H2O by integrating all elemental technologies for water purification. The purity of water is upgraded to an ultra high level by removing not only solid substances and salts but also gas dissolved in water. Organo's industry-leading analysis technology is essential to the manufacture of ultrapure water.

listimageWhat is ultrapure water used for?

Ultrapure water is used in a wide range of applications,such as:

  • list2Water for cleaning the surfaces of semiconductor wafers and liquid crystal panels, which must have no minute foreign particles.
  • list2Water for steam generators for the power generating turbines needed for the stable operation of power stations
  • list2Refined water and injection water for medical care and pharmaceutical industries, where safety is vital in any situation, and
  • list2Blank water for microanalysis in analytical chemistry, directly linked with the analysis level
Trace substance analysis for ultrapure water in a clean room

Lineup of ultrapure water systems

listimageFrom a drip to thousands of tons

Providing a broad array of systems from desktop-type versions for research and analysis to plant-type models for semiconductor and liquid crystal panel factories, Organo supports different industries by supplying water with top-level purity in any quantity suited to their needs.

listimageA lineup of the San Kan Oh multi-functional water manufacturing systems

With cleaning power boosted by dissolving hydrogen, ozone and other gas into ultrapure water, multi-functional water helps reduce chemical consumption in the cleaning process and shottens cleaning duration. It is mainly used in semiconductor factories and has recently found growing application in the food industry. The San Kan Oh series won the top-ranked Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize at the 33rd Excellent Environmental Equipment Awards.

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