Alkaline Electrolyzed Water Production Equipment

Alkaline electrolyzed water becoming popular alternative to cleaning agents

  • Chemicals / Materials / Machinery
  • Food Preparation / Restaurant Industry
  • Hotels / Commercial Complexes

For degreasing of metal parts and preventing rust
For cleaning in places where cleaning agents cannot be used, such as cookware and oil stains on floors


Outstanding degreasing and rust prevention

As the equipment generates highly alkaline water with a pH level of 12.5, it can be used as an alternative to chloride and hydrocarbon solvents and surfactants. It also offers outstanding rust prevention.

Extremely safe

This system uses sodium bicarbonate, which is also used in food additives, and soft water (or pure water) as the raw materials. As the main ingredient is sodium hydroxide, there is no risk of fire or explosion.

Ecologically friendly design with no excess acidic water

The sodium bicarbonate solution used as the raw material is supplied via circulation to the electrolytic cell, so only the necessary alkaline water is generated.

Cleaning waste liquid is easy to process

When cleaned with alkaline water, the cleaning waste liquid does not contain components such as BOD or COD, simplifying wastewater treatment.


The system uses an ion exchange membrane to divide the electrolytic cell, so there is no excess outflow of sodium bicarbonate.