The Organo Group leverages the technologies it has cultivated
through long experience with water treatment
to contribute to the industries that create the future,
and to the development of societal infrastructure.

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Water is a precious asset, shared by all life forms on the planet. Water has been the central theme
throughout Organo’s history, and efforts continue to achieve a deeper understanding of water and to
nurture water-related technologies. Organo brings the powerful benefits of this life-sustaining resource to
the development of societal infrastructure, to leading-edge industry, and to daily life.

Our Business

As a comprehensive water treatment engineering company,
Organo supports the development of daily life and industry.

Plant Business

Providing streamlined systems built on technology that combines functionality with reliability

Solution Business

Providing solutions for optimal operation of water treatment facilities

Functional Product Business

Meeting a diverse range of requirements at short lead times, based on a variety of ready-made product lines

Our Strength

From ultrapure water to wastewater treatment, and from water for laboratories to high-volume water for plants,
we pursue the possibilities of water from the perspectives of science and technology.

Total EngineeringA comprehensive water treatment engineering company

Since its founding in 1946, Organo’s central theme has been water—meeting the diverse water-related needs of its customers and responding to new requirements ushered in by each new era. Organo Group operations center on the provision of clean water for use in daily life and in industry, and the purification and return of wastewater to the environment.

Organo systems feature some of the world’s most advanced technologies, born of years of experience and devotion to advancement. These technologies enable the provision of water of the highest possible purity to satisfy the extremely stringent demands of the semiconductor industry. They also support the supply of industrial water to businesses in a wide range of fields, as well as the treatment of industrial and daily-use wastewater.

The Organo Group applies the technology and experience accumulated through its involvement in water treatment to the efficient removal of impurities from water. Employing these technologies and experience in water purification and facilitating its reuse enables Organo to support those struggling with water scarcity. Another contribution Organo makes to resolving resource-related issues is the collection of rare metals found in water.

While working to meet water-related needs in a wide range of fields, the Organo Group will continue to support symbiotic coexistence with Earth’s beautiful environment through its role as a comprehensive water treatment engineering company.

TechnologyTechnological capability built up over more than 70 years

The Organo Group is a comprehensive water treatment engineering company with a history spanning more than 70 years. Over that period, it has constructed a technology and service platform that enables it to satisfy the wide-ranging requirements of its customers, from industrial water to wastewater treatment.

From water for laboratories to high-volume water for industrial water treatment plants, Organo offers technologies and products that deliver a high-quality and stable supply of treated water (including ultrapure water). The scope of Organo Group operations extends well beyond the water systems expertise necessary to bring its technologies and products to fruition. It encompasses laboratories for assessing water quality, a purification facility for ion exchange resins (functional material), and more.

Among the Organo Group’s water treatment technologies are those used to reduce the volume of water usage and to collect valuable resources. These technologies and more combine to contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society, and to the mitigation of environmental loading.

R&DTireless dedication to water

Water is a precious asset, shared by all humanity. And within water remains limitless potential. As a comprehensive water engineering company and a leader in the field, Organo remains devoted to its objective of creating new value for water.

The world has only begun to plumb the depths of the possibilities of water. In order to become a true pioneer in this scientific field where so much remains unknown, The Organo Group has established a development center equipped with comprehensive facilities and staffed with highly experienced personnel. The center delves deeply into the core technology behind diverse kinds of water treatment, develops high-precision separation and purification technology, and creates advanced analysis technology. Organo has also developed a series of technologies toward the promotion of a sustainable society, from comprehensive engineering research to development concerning air, soil, and waste.

CSRCorporate Social Responsibility

As a company that contributes to the harmonious coexistence of people, nature and industry,
Organo will continue to fulfill its social responsibility with the objective of achieving a sustainable society.


The Organo Group will take its carefully cultivated,
cutting-edge water-related technologies from Asia
to other parts of the world and,
while considering its impact on the environment,
contribute to the improvement of daily life and industry.

The importance of water is shared by all countries. Organo is developing a global-scale network that will enable more countries and regions to benefit from its world-leading technologies.
The establishment of new bases and broader collaboration with affiliated companies will allow Organo to apply its technologies on a global scale and contribute to the further development of industry and the creation of a rich and beautiful global environment.

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