Water Treatment Chemicals

For general industries and building climate control purposes, Organo offers a broad array of water treatment chemicals, including those for coolant, boiler, wastewater treatment and RO. It will propose a complete system that combines different equipment to ensure stable operation and energy conservation for the customer.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment chemical

RO membranes are used in water processing facilities for a wide variety of fields, and the trouble-free operation of these RO systems is vital for stability at water processing facilities.
Many RO membrane failures occur due to fouling, making fouling prevention a key point in the efficient operation of RO systems.
Toward that end, various RO water processing chemicals are used to prevent fouling.

New biocide for RO water ORPERSION E2661A

Past RO water processing biocides suffered from issues such as reduction of processed water quality, insufficient slime-clearing effectiveness and damage to RO membranes.
ORPERSION E2661A is a biocide for RO water processing with high biocidal and slime-clearing effectiveness, without damaging RO membranes.
Its combination of biofilm degradation (instant action) and biofilm permeability (ongoing effects) makes effective RO water processing possible.
Using ORPERSION E2661A can extend RO membrane lifespans, reduce the frequency of (or fully eliminate) CIP work, reduce maintenance costs and ensure stable operations.

Damage to RO membrane
Hypochlorite (conventional inorganic oxidizer) Major