Environmental InitiativesEnvironmental policy

Environmental Philosophy

Recognizing that the preservation of the earth’s environment is of the greatest importance for every human being, Organo contributes to human coexistence and symbiosis with Earth’s beautiful environment in every facet of its business operations.

Environmental Policy

Continuous improvement
We will be aware of the environment surrounding all industrial activities and continue to preserve and improve the environment through all technical and economic means possible.
Observance of laws and establishment of our own standards
We will observe laws, regulations and agreements concerning the environment. We will also establish our own standards and do our best to preserve the environment in accordance with these standards.
Production environment
We will strive to conserve resources and energy, to minimize waste and to recycle the waste produced in every aspect of our business activities.
Product environment
We will develop product manufacturing technologies that will reduce the burden on the environment.
Environmental monitoring
We will inspect the environment within our company and work to improve our environmental preservation activities.
Comprehensive involvement
We will educate our staff and encourage in-house publicity concerning environmental issues to promote understanding and awareness of the environment and of our own basic environmental policy.