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This website is operated by Organo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). Users of this website are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions of use. The terms and conditions of use are subject to change and users are requested to check this page periodically for updates. The website may contain links to other websites operated by the Company’s affiliates. Users of such websites are advised to check their respective terms and conditions of use.

1. Disclaimers

The Company and its affiliates make no guarantee with respect to any information contained on this website. The content of this website is subject to change or deletion without prior notice.

The Company and its affiliates offer no guarantee with respect to the functions and security of this website. The operation of this website is subject to suspension or discontinuation without prior notice.

Under no circumstances do the Company or its affiliates assume liability for any error, change or deletion of information provided on this website, any problem arising from this website, suspension or discontinuation of the operation of this website or the like.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The rights to trade names, trademarks and logos of the Company, its affiliate companies and other companies used on this website are protected by the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other laws. None may be used or otherwise exploited without authorization of the Company, its affiliates or other companies.

3. Links to the Website

All links to this website must go to its top page at (
Anyone wishing to link to this website is requested to make prior notice using the Inquiry Form.
No link to this website may be included on any of the following websites:

  1. Websites that contain information slandering or defaming the Company, any of its affiliates, officers or employees or any other individual, company or organization.
  2. Websites containing adult-oriented content.
  3. Websites containing any content offensive to public order and morals.
  4. Websites containing any illegal or possibly illegal content or relating to any illegal or possibly illegal activity.
  5. Websites that obscure the identity of this website, for example by displaying this website inside a frame, to potentially mislead third parties.
  6. Other websites that the Company deems inappropriate.

Under no circumstances may any party link to this website unless it follows prior advice on precautions, linking methods and other related matters from the Company. Parties are requested to immediately delete the link at the request of the Company.

4. Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

The use of this website and the implementation of these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise stipulated.
The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance for all disputes in connection with this website unless otherwise specified.

5. Linked Websites

Any website of a third party excluding the Company’s affiliates linked from or linking to this website (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Linked Website”) is under the control and responsibility of the company or party operating it. The fact that a Third Party Linked Website has a link with this website does not mean that the Company has any special relationship with the company or party operating the Third Party Linked Website or that the Company endorses the content provided on the Third Party Linked Website. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content or use of any Third Party Linked Website.

6. Recommended Environment

The website is designed to work with older versions of web browsers. However, for a more secure and comfortable browsing experience, the Company recommends using the latest possible version of any of the following browsers.

  • Latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android

Operation is not guaranteed with any preview releases or beta versions of browsers.

7. Plug-ins

Certain content on this website is provided in the form of PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later is required for viewing and printing PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded by clicking on the icon:

8. Inquiries About this Website

To send comments and inquiries about the Company’s website, please complete the inquiry form.