Water Supply & Sewage Treatment Facilities

Water and sewage treatment plants are an essential part of daily life.
Organo is also active in this field.

Water Supply Facilities

Tap water is essential to our lives. At the water treatment plants that supply tap water, various water treatment processes are performed depending on the water source, such as turbidity removal processes such as sedimentation and filtration, removal of trace pollutants, advance water treatment processes such as activated carbon absorption and ozonation, and treatment and dewatering process of water treatment residuals. Organo's technology is used in these situations.
With our wealth of expertise and reliable technology, Organo provides water that is both safe and tastes good.

Sewage Treatment Facilities

Wastewater discharged from homes and factories, which pollutes rivers, lakes and the sea.
Landfill leachate from solid waste disposal site.
Organo's sewage treatment technology makes it possible to clean such types of used water and return them to their natural state.
In this way, we play our part in building the infrastructure for an affluent society, from maintaining and restoring a safe and pleasant living environment, to sewage systems in cities as well as farming and fishing villages, and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus that can cause eutrophication.