Electronics Industry

ORGANO has honorable world-leading experience and records in water treatment technology in the electronics industry, which continues to see dramatic development.
Ultrapure water plays an essential role in the field of semiconductor, flat panel displays, and the electronic materials and manufacturing equipment sectors that supply products to these fields.

As a total engineering company specialized in water treatment, ORGANO provides integrated
management of water used within factories, from ultrapure water production systems, wastewater treatment system, closed system to valuable resource recovery system.

Ultrapure Water Production Systems

As electronics technology has evolved, an even higher level of purity is now demanded from ultrapure water used to clean various electronic components, including semiconductors and liquid crystals. This is referred to as "super-ultrapure water." Along with the increased purity of ultrapure water, the need has emerged for technology that analyzes trace impurities. ORGANO is simultaneously developing analysis technologies in order to deliver ultrapure water that meets our customers' requirements.

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Functional water production systems

Utilizing the cleaning technology we have cultivated through our ultrapure water production technology, ORGANO has developed functional water production systems that can be applied to the cleaning of semiconductors and flat panel displays.
This facilitated an improvement in cleaning power in the semiconductor and flat panel displays cleaning process, as well as a dramatic reduction in chemical usage.
With series of functional water systems tailored to different applications and with the total engineering in water treatment, ORGANO supports customers’ diverse cleaning applications.

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

In the electronics industry, where large volumes of water are used, wastewater treatment and wastewater recovery systems are also an important element of water treatment. ORGANO has focused its efforts on wastewater treatment facilities, and we provide optimal wastewater treatment systems tailored to the substance to be removed, while also giving due consideration to mitigating the environmental impact and cutting CO2.

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Valuable Resource Recovery Systems

ORGANO provides systems for valuable resource recovery through efficient separation and refinement, enabling customers to recover resources that are discharged from factories, such as hydrofluoric acid, TMAH and rare metals.

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Organic solvent refining systems

ORGANO has developed our regeneration, separation and refinement technology cultivated through the water treatment, to the organic solvents refinery, providing systems (including engineering) in the electronics field.

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