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Ultrapure Water Production Systems

As electronics technology has evolved, an even higher level of purity is now demanded from ultrapure water used to clean electronic components, such as semiconductors and liquid crystals. This is referred to as "super-ultrapure water." Along with the increased purity of ultrapure water, the need has emerged for technology that analyzes trace impurities. Organo is developing analysis technologies in order to deliver ultrapure water that meets our customers' requirements.

ORGANO's Key Product Groups in Ultrapure Water Production Systems

Ultrapure Water Production Systems / Standard Ultrapure Water Unit: MPU Series

At the heart of the system is a D2EDI system, supplying high-quality ultrapure water without the use of chemicals.

Pure Water Systems / High-Performance Mixed Bed Pure Water Production Systems: Strata-GX Series

A 2-Bed, 3-Tower (2B3T) type pure water unit for use in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including water for processes and cleaning, and feed water for boilers.

D2EDI New-Type Electrodeionization System

This new system optimizes the structure of the concentration chamber in the existing D2EDI system, widening the acceptable quality range of EDI intake water without sacrificing high performance. This enables a reduction in pre-process equipment, significantly lowering costs.

EDI for High Purity (EDI-XP)

Reduces energy consumption by 60% compared with our existing product.

Ion Adsorbent Membrane Analysis Kit - Ultrapure Water Trace Metal Evaluation System

Organo makes it possible to evaluate trace metal ions in ultrapure water to a level of 0.01 ng/L.

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