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Wastewater Treatment Systems

In the electronics industry, where large volumes of water are used, wastewater treatment and wastewater recovery systems are also important elements of water treatment. Organo has focused its efforts on wastewater treatment facilities, and provides optimal wastewater treatment systems tailored to the substance to be removed, while also giving due consideration to mitigating the environmental impact and reducing CO2 emissions.

ORGANO's Key Product Groups in Wastewater Treatment Systems

ACTICONTACT Series Biological Membrane Treatment System

Recipient of 10th "Chairman's Award" for Outstanding Anti-Pollution Device, Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers.

Organo has delivered around 500 units of this biological membrane treatment system.

Super Orsettler Super High-speed Coagulating Sedimentation System

Recipient of 27th "Chairman's Award" for Outstanding Environmental Device, Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers.

A super high-speed coagulating sedimentation system occupying only one-thirtieth of the installation area.

ORSREC System - Advanced Fluoride Treatment System

A fluoride treatment system that is easily installed and cuts equipment costs.

ORLITE F High-performance Fluorine Adsorbent

An advanced fluorine treatment system that achieves a treated water fluorine concentration of 1 mg/L.

ORCAT Peroxide Decomposition Catalyst

A chemical-free, low-cost hydrogen peroxide decomposition system.

H-DAF (High-speed Dissolved Air Flotation System)

Achieves four times the speed of conventional dissolved air flotation systems.

High-speed coagulating sedimentation system

An LV3–6 m/h high-speed coagulating sedimentation system.

High-efficiency nitrogen removal system

A granule-based high-speed nitrogen treatment system.

N-CONTACT Nitrogen Removal System

A nitrogen removal system that retains microorganisms as a carrier to remove nitrogen with high efficiency.

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

ORGAMIN Series nutritional supplements: Nutrients that help to improve the water quality in biological treatment.

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