Cartridge Water Purifiers

G Series

Japan's most popular cartridge water purifier

  • Chemicals / Materials / Machinery
  • Food & Drink
  • Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Medical Devices
  • Schools / Research Institutes / Quality Control
  • Hospitals / Welfare Facilities

For cleaning of testing equipment, glass lenses and metal components, chemical manufacturing, environmental testing, humidifiers, battery refill water, and more.

Note: Pre- and post-filters and water quality meter are optional.


Energy-saving, convenient, economical

No troublesome installation – simply connect to a water tap or other pressure piping to obtain pure water instantly.

Chemical-free, waste-free ion exchange system

With cartridge water purifiers, resin replacement is required once the ion exchange resin capacity is exhausted. We collect the ion exchange resins and perform the chemical-based cleaning work, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning or waste disposal. When replacing the resins, we perform ion exchange resin quality testing and cylinder pressure testing based on our own inspection standards prior to delivery.

Desktop-Type Cartridge Water Purifier G-1HB



Electroconductivity Meter RG-12
A buzzer alerts you to poor water quality.
Water quality is automatically measured during water conduction with a flow switch.
(Manual measurement is also possible via lever operation)
The display is digital and it features a warning contact.

PF-III Housing
The clear blue housing allows the degree of contamination to be checked from the outside. Choose from various types of filter cartridges according to needs.
*Applicable models: G-5/10/20/35

Water Purifier for Polishing
Obtain high-purity water by installing the product at the back end of a cartridge water purifier
* Applicable models: G-5/10

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