Desktop-Type Ultrapure Water System


Compact ultrapure water production system

  • Electronics
  • Chemicals / Materials / Machinery
  • Food & Drink
  • Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Medical Devices
  • Schools / Research Institutes / Quality Control
  • Energy
  • Water Supply & Sewage Facilities

Trace element analysis system (ICP-MS, ICP emission, atomic absorption, ion chromatography)
Organic compound analysis (LC-MS, HPLC)
Water for bioresearch (electrophoresis, molecular biology testing)
Water for reagent conditioning, cleaning, and more


Compact design

Everything from pre-treatment to a final filter in a single body. With a compact design, it contributes to the efficient utilization of limited laboratory space.

Reliable water quality

The system produces ultrapure water with resistivity of 18.2 MΩ・cm. Choose from UF or MF for a final filter up to required water levels.

Ideal for low-volume usage environments

Equipped with a pure water tank (3 L), the system is ideal for the usage of approx. 10 L per day of ultrapure water. Capacity and usage volume can be increased by attaching an external tank.



Pure Water Tank
Choose from 20 L, 30 L, 60 L and 100 L (nominal volumes).
Tank UV function is optional.
The new tank UV, a non-consumable item, is used.

High Functionality Dispenser
Continuous (dripping to 2 L/min), fixed volume, or footswitch water collection is possible.
Water sampling port UV is optional.
The new water sampling port UV, a non-consumable item, is used.
*NA dispenser is only for continuous sampling (1.5 L/min).