D-7 Soft Water Filter DS-5

Soft water filter for bringing out the flavor and aroma of coffee, tea, and other beverages

  • Food Preparation / Restaurant Industry
  • Hotels / Commercial Complexes

For supply of water to espresso machines and cookware including steam convection


Soft water filter with 4 L/min filtration flow volume and 5,500 L hardness and residual chlorine removal capacity.

As the treated water is soft water, the full flavor of coffee, tea, and other beverages can be enjoyed.

Cation‐exchange resin eliminates hardness components, protecting cookware from scale.

The use of antibacterial activated carbon makes it hygienic.


D-7 Cap
One-touch dedicated cartridge cap. Easy to replace. Hygienic due to stainless steel construction and no direct hand contact with wet parts. Image shows cartridge attached to cap.