D-4 FU4-C

Hollow fiber-type water filter with residual chlorine bypass functionality

  • Food & Drink
  • Food Preparation / Restaurant Industry
  • Hotels / Commercial Complexes

For vending machines, tea and soft drink dispensers, ice makers, and more


Filtration flow volume: 4 L/min

Residual chlorine removal capacity: 100,000 L

*When residual chlorine concentration is:

IN: 1.0 mg/L

OUT: 0.4 mg/L

Filter with 9,000 L removal capacity (2 degrees and lower)

Chlorine bypass enables both reduction of unpleasant taste and odor of filtered water and maintenance of antibacterial effect.

The use of antibacterial activated carbon makes it hygienic.


D-4D Housing
Standard-type stainless steel housing. Choose from G1/2 and 5/8UNF interfaces.