Sugar DecolorizationProducts

Sugar Decolorization

Sugar solutions extracted from plants can retain color components from the raw material. Color can also be generated during extraction, storage, and refining.
Activated carbon and ion exchange resins are used to remove these color components.

Example of Decolorization System

Decolorized Sucrose Solutions

Examples of applications
  • ・Cane sugar, beet sugar, etc.
  • ・Starch sugar (glucose, fructose, starch syrup, dextrin, etc.)
  • ・Honey
  • ・Sugar alcohol
  • ・Oligosaccharides

Adsorbents for Decolorization

Ion exchange resins for decolorization

Amberlite FPA404J, Amberlite FPA958, Amberlite FPA60

Activated carbon (granular/powder)

We handle various brands.

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