Sucrose (Sugar) / Starch Sugar / Functional Foods

Saccharides such as sugar and honey form an essential part of our diet. Various sugars are also used in a wide range of other fields such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The majority of the saccharides we consume are extracted from natural raw materials and refined, and Organo's technology is widely used in these refining processes. Organo has developed a wide range of sugar refining systems and equipment, starting in the 1950s with sucrose refining. We support our customers through technologies born from our wealth of experience.

Sugar Refining

Activated carbon and ion exchange resins are used for the decolorization and desalination of sugar syrups.

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Sugar Decolorization

Activated carbon and ion exchange resins are used to remove the color components.

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Sugar Desalination

Ions in the sugar solution are removed, as well as organic acids, amino acids and silica.

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Amino Sugar and Acidic Sugar Refining

The use of ion exchange resins enables the separation of neutral sugars such as glucose and other non-adsorbent impurities.

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Sugar Separation (Chromatographic Separation)

Chromatography is used to separate sugars that have a similar structure, or oligosaccharides with different degrees of polymerization.

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