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Sugar Separation

Chromatography is used to separate sugars that have a similar structure, such as rare sugars, or oligosaccharides with different degree of polymerization (DP). Organo offers a wide range of chromatographic separation systems that use the simulated moving-bed (SMB) technique, which enables continual production on an industrial scale. We have also developed the "new JO technique," an enhancement of the SMB method that enables simultaneous separation of three components, and the "ASMB technique" that cuts costs through more efficient separation.

Chromatographic Separation Using the Simulated Moving-bed Technique (illustration)

Example of Chromatographic Separation System

Sucrose Cane sugar, beet sugar
Starch sugar Glucose, fructose, malto-oligosaccharide, maltose, trehalose
Sugar alcohol Maltitol, erythritol
Other Raffinose, fructo‐oligosaccharides, galacto-oligosaccharide, lactulose, psicose (allulose), allose, tagatose
Ion exchange resins

Amberlite CR1310, Amberlite CR1320
Amberlite CR3220

Synthetic adsorbents

Amberlite XAD Series
Amberlite CG, XT Series
Amberhorm Series

Chromatographic Separation System Lineup

Raw solution processing capacity No. of separation towers
TREZONE Up to 20 L/d 4-12
Pilot plant Up to 200 L/d 4-12
Commercial plant From 200 L/d 4-12

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