Sugar DesalinationProducts

Sugar Desalination

Desalination involves removal of ions from the sugar solution using ion exchange resins.
Cation exchange resins remove positive ions such as Na, Ca, K and Fe, as well as ampholytic components such as amino acids. Anion exchange resins remove negative ions such as Cl and SO4, as well as weak acid components such as organic acid, silica, coloring matter and coloring matter precursors. Off-flavors and odors are also removed through desalination, and the stability during storage of the sugar solution is improved.

Example of Desalination System for Sucrose Solution

Example of Desalination System for Sucrose Solution

Ion Exchange Resins for Desalination

Sucrose, fructo‐oligosaccharide

Cation exchange resins
Amberlite FPC76J

Anion exchange resins
Amberlite IRA400, Amberlite FPA60
Amberlite IRA478RF

Starch sugar

Positive ion exchange resins
Amberlite FPC10Na, Amberlite FPC20

Cation exchange resins
Amberlite XE583, Amberlite IRAFPA95, Amberlite IRA67
Amberlite FPA910, Amberlite IRA478RF, Amberlite FPA958
Amberlite FPA60

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