Company/IR/CSRCompany Profile

Basic Information

Address of head office 1-2-8 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-8631 (map)
Representative President Masaki Uchikura
Account closing date March 31 (once a year)
Foundation May 1, 1946
Capital 8,225,499,312 yen
Number of employees 1,072 (as of the end of March 2021)


Type Date of Registration, Approval Details
Construction License No.: (Toku-2) No. 3892 by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism April 17, 2020
  • General Civil Engineering
  • General Building
  • Scaffolding, Earthwork and Concrete
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Tile, Brick and Block
  • Steel Stracture
  • Machine and Equipment Installation
  • Well Drilling
  • Water and Sewerage Facilities
  • Sanitation Facilities
1st-Class Authorized Architect’s Office Registration: Tokyo Governor Registration No. 60361 September 15, 2020
Registration for Construction Consulting Registration with the Minister of Transport, Ken-28 No. 2177 December 20, 2016 [Registered divisions] Waterworks and Industrial Water Facilities Division Sewage Treatment Division
Registered Water Quality Testing Body under Article 20 of the Waterworks Law Registration number: No. 130 March 31, 2004
Accredited Measurement Business Registration Number: Kanagawa Prefecture No. 173 March 15, 2005
ISO9001 (2015), JIS Q 9001 (2015) Plant Division: January 15, 1996 Functional Products Department: April 26, 1997
ISO9001 (2015), JIS Q 9001 (2015) Tsukuba Factory: March 9, 1996
ISO14001 (2015), JIS Q 14001 (2015) Tsukuba Factory: May 16, 1998
JIS Q 17025 (2005), ISO/IEC17025 (2005) December 14, 2012 [Registration Division] R&D Center [Accreditation Category (Targets for Testing)] Chemical Products and Water (ultrapure water, drinking water, raw water, tap water, and pharmaceutical production water) [Testing Technology] Gas chromatograph mass spectrometry ICP-MS TOC
Secondhand Dealer License ※Obtained at head office, Hokkaido Branch, Tohoku Branch, Chubu Branch, Kansai Branch, Chugoku Branch, Kyushu branch

Organo Group

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Board of Directors, Audit and Supervisory Board Members

Representative Director and President Masaki Uchikura
Director Masayuki Yamada
Hitoshi Hori
Yasutoshi Nakayama
Nobuyoshi Suda
Tetsushi Honda
Outside Director Motoo Nagai
Keikou Terui
Kenji Hirai
Audit and Supervisory Board Member(Full-time) Masahiko Toyoda
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Wataru Higuchi
Nobuko Hanao

Executive Officers

President and Executive Officer Masaki Uchikura
Senior Managing Director and Executive Officer Masayuki Yamada
Managing Executive Officer Hitoshi Hori
Yasutoshi Nakayama
Nobuyoshi Suda
Kazuhisa Fukuda
Shin Asano
Makoto Tomizawa
Executive Officers Tetsushi Honda
Katsumi Ohga
Tatsuya Kunieda
Ken Shimada
Fusayoshi Akimoto
Makoto Kukizaki
Shojiro Koike
Koh Yoshida
Toru Amemiya