Regenerative Automatic Pure Water Systems


Our long-selling mixed bed pure water systems.

  • Electronics
  • Chemicals / Materials / Machinery
  • Food & Drink

Water for various types of cleaning and processes, air conditioners and humidifiers, testing and research, and more.



High water usage efficiency

The AM-C/AM-SR series features high water efficiency, with a water recovery rate exceeding 95%.1 It contributes greatly to reducing water supply and sewage charges, and to saving water. We have also achieved a reduction of around 40% in the volume of wastewater.2 And the volume of wastewater containing acids and alkalis is also cut by 30%, reducing the load on neutralizing facilities.2

Rapid regeneration (approx. 90 minutes)

Following improvement of the regenerative chemical process, we have achieved a dramatic reduction in regeneration time. This makes it easier to manage the equipment.

Low power consumption

Power consumption is reduced by about one-tenth compared with RO + electrical regeneration pure water systems.2 It contributes significantly to customers’ energy conservation. The system also features lower COemission volume.

Easier day-to-day management

The AM-C/AM-SR series is equipped with an 8.4-inch TFT color touch panel. Operating data can be confirmed at a glance. Measurement data can also be extracted, making it easier to manage operating logs.

Outstanding safety

It employs the highly safe regenerative chemical ORMOVE H20, and suppresses hydrochloric acid fumes, enhancing safety during replenishment of chemicals. The system also ensures minimum impact on nearby equipment. 

1  Guideline figure in the case of 100 μS/cm due to raw water quality. Varies according to raw water quality.

2  Reduction ratio varies according to the type of equipment.



Raw Water Supply Unit SP-MB
Raw water tank, raw water pump, raw water filter and power board in a single package. Easy to transport, helping to shorten installation time.

Suppresses fumes when adding chemicals.
- Enables safe replenishment of chemicals
- Inhibits corrosion of nearby equipment
- Eliminates need for installation of exhaust facilities

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