Electrodeionization (EDI) High-Purity Water System


Organo's latest EDI makes possible low maintenance

  • Chemicals / Materials / Machinery
  • Food & Drink
  • Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Medical Devices
  • Schools / Research Institutes / Quality Control
  • Hospitals / Welfare Facilities

For biochemical analysis, environmental testing, humidification, cleaning water for various types of manufacturing, analytical reagent conditioning water, pre-treatment in ultrapure water equipment, and more.

       SD-0040SG/0080SG          SD-0200SG


Cartridge replacement unnecessary

As the system is equipped with the latest EDI, which consistently maintains ion exchange capacity, ion exchange resin cartridges no longer need to be replaced.

*CP cartridge will require replacement.

Stable water quality supports high-precision analysis

In the past, there was a temporary drop in water quality when the ion exchange resin cylinder approached the time for resin replacement. But with the latest EDI on board, stable water quality is ensured over the long term.

User-friendly design

Protrusions from the cabinet have been eliminated to create a rounded exterior, with an easy-to-see operational display.

The water sampling tap is protected by a cover to help prevent bumping.

Equipped with a large color display.


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